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In Bloom judges welcomed by floral displays


It’s the busiest time of year for keen gardeners in Wigan Borough who are finalising their displays ready for the North West Borough In Bloom judges next week.

And the borough looks set for success with 28 green-fingered groups having supported this year’s In Bloom campaign.

Last year the borough triumphed at the national In Bloom awards after receiving Silver Gilt and being recognised as ‘Best in Category.’

The judges will be wowed on a route showcasing areas including Shevington, Crooke Village, Mesnes Park and more. Councillor Chris Ready, cabinet member for communities, said: “In Bloom is a fantastic initiative which brings people together, improves the look and feel of our town and it has gone from strength to strength. It really is The Deal in action.

“We absolutely couldn’t do it without the hundreds of volunteers who take the time to make our borough beautiful.

“The judges don’t arrive until next week, so there’s still time for people to do their bit. Residents can help our In Bloom groups by taking some water out with them when they’re enjoying the sunshine and pouring it onto one of the planters as they walk by. Every little helps!”

The North West Borough In Bloom judges will be in Wigan from 9th – 13th July to meet the groups and also seven-year-old Freya Sixsmith.

Freya watched Britain in Bloom on television earlier this year and was inspired to take up gardening. Her new found passion will be celebrated next week when she meets the judges at their first location, Mesnes Park.

Freya previously learned about gardening when she spent time with our Greenspaces team in the park but next week, she will accompany the judges around some of the In Bloom locations and will meet the Mayor of Wigan Borough, Councillor Sue Greensmith on Believe Square.

Speaking about her adventure, Freya said: “I really enjoyed visiting the allotment at Mesnes Park and seeing all the plants that they are growing. At home I am growing my own tomato plants. It is amazing to watch them grow from tiny seeds into huge plants with tomatoes on. I’ve also planted bulbs and now they’ve grown into flowers. They make the garden look more colourful and are really pretty.

“Gardening is a brilliant hobby. I can’t wait to meet the judges and see how they score all the beautiful flowers in the park.”

In Bloom groups are assessed on a wide range of initiatives, such as the maintenance of parks and communal gardens, the management of natural spaces, community campaigns to promote recycling and environmental awareness, and projects involving local residents and schools.

If you would like more information about joining an In Bloom group, email inbloom@wigan.gov.uk.

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