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Halfords new interactive map reveals e-scooter legality around the globe

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  • Personal e-scooters are legal only on private property in the UK
  • E-scooters are either legal or have no laws in around 80% of our researched countries
  • Countries are looking to battle air and noise pollution using e-scooters 

New research from Halfords has revealed that the UK is behind the curve when it comes to legalising personal e-scooters. The country’s current laws state that e-scooters are illegal for use on public roads, cycle lanes and footpaths – legal only on private land outside of a rental pilot program.

Planet E-scooter, created in collaboration with Xiaomi, is an interactive world map that shows how the UK stacks up against the rest of the world by identifying in which countries e-scooters are legal and allowing you to check exactly how they can be used (on roads, cycle lanes, footpaths, etc).

The trend of legalisation is immediately clear; the majority of developed countries are embracing e-scooters as an effective commuter tool and introducing legislation to facilitate their safe use. That said, legislation varies greatly from country to country. Some treat e-scooters just like bicycles, while others require helmets and driving licences, and few countries can agree on an exact name for the devices (with the UK and US using Personal Light Electric Vehicles).

This tool identifies trends in e-scooter legislation across the world, such as a 15.5mph speed limit and lighting requirements, that could pave the way for the revision of UK legislation when rental trials conclude in 2021.

Halfords have been advocating for a clear framework and regulation that makes e-scooters safe to ride on the UK’s roads and have been calling for action on this over the last year. The cycling retailer believes that any new regulations should deliver safer roads and ensure that e-scooter road users behave responsibly and with care and attention.

Matt Banks, Halfords E-mobility expert says:

‘From the increasing e-scooter demand we’re seeing in the UK; it seems like the public may not be aware of the legality of e-scooters. This interactive map will give people an insight into how legislations vary from one country to another.’

The environment could also play a big role in advancing the legalisation of e-scooters. Halfords research revealed that some Asian countries, such as China and Indonesia, are subsidising manufacturers to promote the use of the devices to tackle air pollution affecting major cities.

He further explains:

‘Along with e-bikes, the safe use of e-scooters has the potential to revolutionise the way we travel and with new legislation they potentially could offer a greener and safer alternative to those who wish to avoid public transport at this time.’


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