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Government is “keeping people in the dark” about impact of a no deal, TUC warns

  • New TUC report sets out the cost to working people of crashing out
  • TUC head to address rally in Manchester

The TUC has today (Sunday) accused the government of trying to keep the public “in the dark” about the true impact of a no-deal Brexit.

new TUC report – published this morning – sets out the devastating cost that crashing out of the EU would have on jobs, rights and livelihoods. And it reveals the damage a no-deal would cause to public services and communities.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady will address a rally in Manchester later today as the Conservative Party begins its annual conference.

Commenting on the impact of a no-deal, Frances will warn:

“This government is deliberately keeping people in the dark about the true impact of no deal.

“The fall-out would be felt for generations to come – hitting our jobs, livelihoods and rights at work. And putting at risk peace in Northern Ireland.

“A no deal is not a clean break. It will jam the gears of government for years.

“And it would stop us rebuilding our public services and communities and repairing the damage austerity has caused.”

Commenting on the PM’s reaction to the Supreme Court ruling, Frances will say:

“This lawless prime minister has shown no remorse for misleading the Queen and parliament.

“He is economical with the truth and thinks there’s one rule for him and another for everyone else.

“A man who has voted to cut jobs and real pay of nurses, teachers and police officers is no champion of the people.

“He is gambling with other people’s jobs and refusing to do what the law requires – rule out no deal.

“It’s time that Boris Johnson handed in his P45. He should resign.”

Commenting on the choice facing working people, Frances will say:

“For Johnson and his hard-right supporters Brexit isn’t just about leaving the EU.

“It’s about attacking our rights, slashing taxes for big corporations, and privatising our services.

“And yes, flogging off our NHS to President Trump and his mates in big pharma.

“Holding the NHS to ransom over the price it pays for life-saving drugs.”


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