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Fruit trees planted by pupils and members of friends’ groups in Richmond Park


A community orchard has been planted near to the entrance of Richmond Park in Burscough, which will be growing plums and apples. The fruit trees were donated to the Friends of Richmond Park and members Tony and Gill Brunskill and Brian Guy worked with Lordsgate Township CE Primary School pupils and West Lancashire Borough Council Rangers to plant them. Dennis Walton, from the Friends of Coronation Park who looks after their community orchard, joined them.

The trees will grow to full maturity in around four years and local people will be able to pick the fruit for a delicious and healthy snack.

Further information on Richmond Park can be found by visiting Richmond Park.

The portfolio holder for Leisure, Councillor David Sudworth, said ‘The pupils and the friends Group have worked hard with the rangers to plant this orchard and deserve a lot of praise for their efforts. I am sure it will bring a lot of pleasure to people in the local area for many years to come.’

The children from Lordsgate Township CE Primary School have previously helped the rangers in planting tulip bulbs, a peace garden and also a wild hedge. The children thoroughly enjoy their voluntary work, which helps in making the park an even nicer place for those who visit it.

Steven Allday, deputy head teacher at Lordsgate Township CE Primary School, said ‘The children learn a lot about nature and how things grow from taking part in these activities. We are very grateful to the Rangers and the Friends’ group for letting us get involved.’

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