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Frontline workers to come together to focus on supporting those who suffer through self-neglect


An event is being in Warrington held to help frontline services recognise and help people who self-neglect.

The self-neglect workshop is being held by Warrington Safeguarding Adult Board and is aimed at those working in front-line services such as GPs, district nurses, police, social workers, housing officers and care service providers.

The workshop is being held on Thursday, 31 March, from 9.30am–12.30pm, at the Gateway. There will be speakers and discussions.

As well as raising awareness the workshop aims to get feedback from practitioners as to what guidance and support tools they need and what the board needs to do next to develop further practice guidance.

The workshop will help understanding around what agencies individual responsibilities are, to support those that self-neglect to make positive changes to reduce risk and harm. It will also clarify when such people need to be referred into the Warrington Safeguarding Team.

Cllr Pat Wright, executive board member for statutory health and adult social care, said: “We want people to become aware of self-neglect and where they can go to find more information.

“They need to be able to understand roles and responsibilities of staff across agencies in responding to people who self-neglect and this workshop will act as a stepping stone in achieving this.”

“Myself and fellow councillors have cases raised in our surgeries where residents are worried about a friend or neighbour not taking care of themselves but feel unable or are unsure about how best to help them.

“It is difficult because often people are torn between respecting a person’s privacy and right to live how they want to but also desperately wanting to help them. The workshop will help provide guidance on the steps to take to help.”

Anybody wanting to take part in the workshop should email their name, role and organisation details to wsab@warrington.gcsx.gov.uk

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