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Friday Film: Personal Shopper


When: Friday 25 October
Time: 7:30pm
Where: Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk
Cost: Free

Cinema at the Chapel Gallery is showing the highly acclaimed murder/mystery Personal Shopper. Personal Shopper is an artful ghost story about a young woman trying to reconnect with the spirit of her departed brother.

Maureen, personal shopper to a supermodel, is determined to stay in Paris, three months after the death of her twin brother from a genetic heart abnormality. Lewis was a medium and had promised to give her a sign of the afterlife. Herself a medium, Maureen is asked to search for his presence in the house his girlfriend is now trying to sell. Unable to determine his presence, Maureen starts to get text messages from an unknown source.

To book tickets please visit the Chapel Gallery website and don’t forget to dress up for the full experience!

Director(s): Olivier Assayas
Certification: 15
Cast: Sigrid Bouaziz, Lars Eidinger, Kristen Stewart


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