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Fraud awareness warning issued by Skelmersdale Police


Fraudsters will try anything – please be sure to read and share this, so that you and your friends/family/neighbours aren’t their next victims.

Police in Preston are currently investigating a fraud, where two suspects have targeted an elderly lady by posing as council bailiffs, wearing body armour, and saying she is in arrears on her council tax. The suspects managed to charm the victim’s bank account details and card off her, offering to withdraw the arrears and return her card. They attempted to use the card to make multiple large withdrawals but fortunately the bank stopped these from going through.

Never give your bank card or its details to anyone by any means, and never let anyone into your home unless you’re certain that they are who they say they are. Ask to see ID. Call their office. Still unsure? Call us. If they’re genuine, they’ll understand – if they’re not, they’ll soon disappear!

If you have elderly relatives, friends or neighbours, be sure to pass this on to them specifically rather than just sharing it on social media.

You can report fraud online at socsi.in/0fyfV or see Action Fraud’s “Contact Us” page for telephone details.


Sgt. Hesketh


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