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Foster children could have their work published


Children and young people in foster families across the North West and Yorkshire could have their writing published by entering You Can Foster’s ‘Inspiring Stories Competition’.

Wigan Council supports the regional foster service’s competition, which encourages people in foster families to tell their stories to inspire a new generation of adults to sign up as foster carers.

Entries will be separated into five categories and will be judged by an impressive panel made up of children’s authors and poets, including the iconic ‘This is the place’ writer, Tony Walsh.

James Winterbottom, director for children’s services at Wigan Council said: “This competition is a creative way to understand the thoughts and feelings of both foster children and birth children, which is so important to think about when making the decision to foster.

“We’re keen to expand our network of high-quality foster carers in the borough to meet our aim of providing a safe family home for all our children and I’m sure the entries to this competition will provide a rare insight into the reality of being part of a foster family.

“If you want to foster, we promise to provide ongoing support and training right from the beginning of your fostering journey.”

Children and young people from thirty-one local authorities across the North West and Yorkshire are invited to take part in the competition. The lucky winner will have their story published and brought to life with a professionally designed front cover.

All entrants from Wigan Borough will be winners in their own right as all entries from the area will be published on the council’s website and the Linc 2 blog and Facebook page.

Chad Grundy, 20, Ashton was named Wigan Council’s ‘care leaver of the year’ on Friday 27th October. He said:

“This is a really good opportunity for young people in care to get their views across and to express themselves in an imaginative way. The council have really helped me during my time in care and I think it’s great that they are acknowledging all Wigan entries in this way. The overall prize looks great too, I might even enter myself!”

Categories for the competition are:

  • Fostered children (up to 8 years old)
  • Fostered children (ages 9 – 12)
  • Fostered teenagers (ages 13 – 17)
  • Fostered young adults (ages 18 – 25)
  • Birth children in fostering households (up to 18)

The deadline for entries is Thursday 16th November.

Find out more information about how to enter the competition.


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