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Formula 1: Race Build Up


With only a few hours left till the lights go out, fans wait to find out who wll reign supreme in Australia. Will Mercedes dominate from the front row again and will Williams out perform Ferrari. Toro Rosso have an opportunity to out perform the sister team Red Bull. McLaren hsve struggled all weekend and in qualifying that form continued with both cars on the back row. Sauber have good opportunity to gain some points for the first time since  2013. Lotus also have a good chance for some points.

The “One To Watch” for the race is Toro Rosso rookie; Carlos Sainz Jr. His performance in qualifying was impressive and has shown the qualities of a future race winner. I for one, will be watching his progress through the season.

My predicted winner for the race is Lewis Hamilton, because he has shown great control under pressure whereas there have been drivers who have already made several mistakes that could be costly if made during the race. Although I think Lewis will win the race I also think Nico Rosberg will not make it easy and ill fight till the last corner of the last lap before conceding the victory to Lewis.

We have had a question from Graeme:

I have read you articles and caught the tweets and a question come to me. So here goes, when a race team send out their drivers during qualifying, do they ever tell them to not aim for first place?

Sometimes a driver can be told in certain situations not to aim for the win. Each team has a set target to aim for, generally the top teams for the victory as they have the car for that can challenge for victories. The lower teams usually aim just to score points to elevate their standings in Constructors Championship but given the opoortunity will take a win. Another situation can be if they are having a difficult race and that they should only aim for a specific place to limit the damage to their championship hopes.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send them in to us at danny@skemnews.com

Stay tuned for the full race report.

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