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Former rugby ace has a great day out


An 80-year-old former rugby player had a magical day out thanks to staff at a day centre and a charity for older people.

Derek Culshaw played for Wigan Rugby League Football Club and England Under-21s in the 1950s.

Derek, who lives in Coppull, attends Fosterfields Day Centre in Chorley, which is run by Lancashire County Council.

When staff found out about Derek’s passion for the game, they contacted Wigan Warriors and local charity Oomph to arrange for him to visit a match.

Laura Orrell, day centre officer at Fosterfields, said: “When we found out Derek had played for Wigan and England Under-21s, we got in touch with Wigan Warriors and Oomph to arrange for him to go to the match.

“We took Derek and some other people who use Fosterfields, and everyone had a fantastic time.

“Thank you to Oomph and Wigan Warriors for helping everyone to have a great day out.

“This is just one example of the type of activity we offer at Fosterfields.”

Oomph is a leading national charity focusing on helping older people to help improve their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Donna Price, regional wellbeing coordinator for Oomph, said: “Helping to make people’s dreams come true is just one of the wonderful things Oomph does.

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with the fantastic staff from Fosterfields Day Centre, part of Lancashire County Council, to make this dream come true.

“The memories were fascinating to here and Derek told me a few stories and explained most of the game to me. It was a beautiful memory that I’m sure we will all treasure.

“Thank you to Wigan Warriors and we look forward to coming back very soon.”

Lancashire County Council’s Day Centres offer a range of activities for older people and people living with dementia.

These include everything from crafts and cookery, to trips out and gardening.

Find out more by visiting our day centre page.

To view the video, visit: twitter.com/MediaLCC/status/1125760247279366144

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