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Football’s coming home….to Skelmersdale!


We received the following Press Release from Skelmersdale AFC and have published the article in full below.

Competitive football is about to come back to Stormy Corner in the not too distant future.

Talks are at an advanced stage between Frank Hughes, and Chequer Properties Ltd. The objective is to see competitive semi-professional football return to the town.

Hughes – the former chairman of Skelmersdale United FC has recently formed a new club; SKELMERSDALE AFC and they are keen to join the North West Counties Football League for the 2019-20 season.

“A lot of people are determined to see semi-professional football return to Skelmersdale, but the public will want to be reassured that the club is viable, responsibly managed and sustainable.

“We have put together a team of people that we believe can deliver such an ambitious project – people with vast experience within the non-league football arena.

“It’s not been the easiest of tasks, because whilst we’ve got vast experience of running a football club…this is the first time any of us have attempted to build one from scratch. And there is still a long way to go before we become a valid entity.

“Fortunately the feedback is good and negotiations have moved on considerably since we first discussed the idea back in August 2018.

“We are fully affiliated with the Liverpool County FA, we have met with the NWCFL to put our case forward and the National FA is also aware of our intentions.”

Stormy Corner facilities away from the playing surface are currently in a state of disrepair, which has prompted Chequer Properties Ltd to re-evaluate the site’s future.

A spokesman for Chequer Properties Ltd said, “Unfortunately the stadium buildings have been allowed to decline over several years and have also been subjected to acts of mindless vandalism and most recently an arson attack.

“Having studied the site with our architect, it’s clear for sustainable football as originally intended, we’ll need to seek changes with the consent of the local planning authority.

“We are looking at ways of renovating facilities to achieve low maintenance, and utilise part of the footprint for other investment projects.

“We have an ambitious club that approached us with the view to negotiating a lease contract, in order for this to become operational, we’re obliged to carry out site work bringing the ground back up to the standard required for the FA & NWCFL.”

Southport FC are currently using the pitch and part of the site as a training facility, they have again extended the original agreement with Chequer Properties Ltd until May 2019.

Works are scheduled to commence in January 2019.

For further details on how you can get involved……… contact:

Frank Hughes 07766 054548

Or visit Skelmersdale AFC on their Facebook & Twitter pages.

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