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Flooding in Skelmersdale

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SkemNews received the following letter from James Upjohn about flooding in Skelmersdale. We have shared the letter in full below:

Dear editor,

Skem First founder James Upjohn recently started a petition asking for Lancashire County Council to sort out Skelmersdale’s flooded subways once and for all.

The petition was shared in the local community group Skem First and within the first 24 hours the petition has collected over 250 signatures and is gaining new signatures quickly.

Skelmersdale was originally built with a network of subways to ensure that residents didn’t need to walk onto busy roads.

Because of the heavy use of subways, many roads in Skelmersdale don’t have pavements.

Unfortunately our drainage system fails regularly and after heavy rain subways are often left unusable.

This forces pedestrians to have to walk in the road, putting themselves in danger of traffic.

Local resident Mark Banbridge says “This issue needs sorting, it’s been like this for years. Walking on our roads is not safe and it’s time that we had this issue fixed!”

Local children have even been seen swimming in some of these flooded subways and that’s just not acceptable.

This is a recurring problem and temporary fixes are not the solution to this problem that has plagued the town for years.

The following petition will be sent to Lancashire County Council: www.change.org/p/lancashire-county-council-fix-our-subway-drainage-issues-in-skelmersdale

I have also emailed all 43 Conservative County Councillors who voted against an amendment to allow for £283,000 to be spent in 2020/2021 on gully cleaning asking them to reconsider their position if this amendment comes up again. Along with the email I have sent the following video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBaS0nZav10

Ashurst Councillor Yvonne Gagan said:

“During the 27 years I have lived on Ashurst the last three years have seen our underpasses flooding more and more. I do feel with a coordinated joint working approach with Lancashire County Council and West Lancs Borough Council we would be able to find a long term solution. The underpasses are a safe way for children and the wider community to move through the town safely. The continual flooding of the underpasses will put lives at risk. This should be classed as a priority and this problem has been reported on many occasions by county councillor Julie Gibson. We shouldn’t have to wait for the underpasses to flood before we get a somewhat delayed response.”

Headteacher of Lathom High School, Jane Galbraith said:

“Now, more than ever, we need safe and easily accessible walking routes for everyone in Skelmersdale but especially those young people who could then walk to school safely”


James Upjohn

Skem First
All About Ashurst


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