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Egg on chin or OWL attacks OWL?


SkemNews received the following Press Release from the West Lancashire Labour Group.

Our West Lancashire have dug themselves an embarrassing hole this week, as they attempt to blame Labour for restricting democracy.

The facts are that West Lancashire Labour have brought the Borough Council a significant way forward since taking control in 2015, in terms of transparency and communication with residents.

Back under Cllr Adrian Owens and Conservative rule, resident engagement was stifled by the Tories.

Under Labour, public speaking at council meetings has been extended by 500% through the extension of public speaking, from just Planning Committee to five additional bodies of the council including Cabinet and Overview and Scrutiny Committees, where key decision-making is made.

However, Our West Lancashire has decided to attack this policy and claim it is restrictive, despite their own councillor being a part of the cross-party decision making which approved the report.

Are Our West Lancashire in the business of attacking each other, or do they simply have egg on their chin as they attempt to smear the Labour Party with gutter politics, with West Lancashire Labour being the party leading the way on increased public speaking and engagement?

Despite the negativity from OWL, West Lancashire Labour will push ahead with opening up council meetings for public engagement.

Cllr Ian Moran said:
“My message to OWL is – enough of the petty party politics, we are here to serve residents, so let’s get on with that rather than making petty attacks on the very party that is extending public engagement and transparency at the borough council.”

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