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Don’t get dumped with a fine


Warrington Borough Council is warning residents to take extra precautions when it comes to recruiting trades people via social media.

According to the council’s environmental crime officers, this applies especially when employing someone to dispose of waste. When someone is clearing and moving rubbish for a fee, they must have a licence to carry waste and they should be able to present the licence on request.

The warning follows a number of investigations linking fly-tipping right back to residents who employed someone via social media to clear their waste.

Environmental crime officers have identified two types of issues:

· Residents actively asking who can clear their rubbish for them for payment

· Individuals offering to clear rubbish for payment

Cllr Judith Guthrie, executive board member for environment and public protection, said:
“As a resident, it is your responsibility to ensure anyone you employ to remove your rubbish has a licence. They must also provide you with a transfer note stating what waste was removed and by whom.

“If you don’t check the licence and get a transfer note and the rubbish is then dumped illegally, you may leave yourself open to prosecution. Legitimate traders will be happy to show their credentials and to dispose of the waste legally.”

Whilst correctly disposing of waste, residents who also recycle are saving the council millions. Recycling makes a major contribution to the environment however, too many people are still sending recyclable materials to landfill and it’s costing council tax payers more than £700,000 a year.

It’s never been easier to recycle. There are number of community recycling centres which enable residents to recycle a wide range of household waste. Details of local community recycling centres are available at warrington.gov.uk/recycling.

In order for the council’s environmental crime officers to consider enforcement action, they either need evidence from within the waste to lead them to the person whose waste it was, or they need local residents to provide information that identifies the person dumping the waste.

Anybody with information about fly-tipping should report it online at www.warrington.gov.uk/report or call 01925 443322.


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