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Diabetes UK employment campaign


SkemNews received a letter from Clare Howarth, Head of the North of England at Diabetes UK, relating to the Diabetes UK employment campaign. We have shared the letter below:

Dear Editor,

As more and more workplaces begin to reopen following lockdown, we are very concerned that the health and safety of people with diabetes may be overlooked.

There are almost one million people living with diabetes in the North of England. People living with the condition are included in the UK Government’s list of those who are clinically vulnerable to Covid-19. Yet there are currently no additional protective measures in place to ensure people with diabetes are safe when they return to work.

Since lockdown began, one of the most common enquiries to Diabetes UK helpline has been from people with diabetes who are concerned for their welfare because they have to leave home to go to work, or will soon be required to do so.

Diabetes UK is campaigning to urge the UK Government to give people with diabetes the right to stay home if they do not feel safe going to their workplaces. This should include the right to fair remuneration, such as being furloughed, if they are unable to work from home. People at risk should not have to make a choice between their health and their financial security.

We are calling on people living with diabetes across the North of England to support our campaign and raise the issue with their local MP. Help us convince the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP, and the UK Government to keep people with diabetes safe at work by introducing clearer advice, increased protections and the right to stay at home if they cannot be kept safe in the workplace.

Find out more about the campaign and get involved here: www.diabetes.org.uk/campaigns.

Yours sincerely,

Clare Howarth

Head of the North of England at Diabetes UK


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