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County Council rejects call to reinstate opening hours for recycling centres

cllr julie gibson
Cllr Julie Gibson

Lancashire County Council Labour Group has reacted with dismay at the decision of the Conservative administration at LCC to resist calls to re-instate the opening hours for the waste re-cycling centres across the Borough. At the recent Full Council Budget Meeting the Labour Group called for the hours to be restored across the Centres in the Borough.

Cllr Julie Gibson, “The cuts from last year’s budget have had a devastating effect on the Re-cycling centres across West Lancashire, with the centre at Burscough being particularly hard hit. We have seen queues forming at the Centres and the ever increasing threat of fly tipping.

She continued: “At the Full Council Budget Meeting on 13th February the Labour Group’s Budget included provisions to re-instate the centres to the previous opening hours with a view to undoing some of the damage that this has inflicted. Despite our calls this was rejected by the Conservative controlled administration, including the current Conservative Councillor for Burscough and Rufford.

Local Campaigner and Burscough Ward Councillor Andrew Pritchard, who is leading the campaign to restore the cuts to the Burscough Centre, echoed Cllr Gibson’s comments.

Cllr Pritchard said: “This would have been a perfect opportunity to review and restore the impact that the change in hours is having on the residents of Burscough and the wider area of West Lancashire. This clearly shows austerity is not dead, it is alive and well in West Lancashire.”

Cllr Pritchard continued: “We will continue with our petition, which can be found at various locations across Burscough and we ask all residents to sign and send a clear message to the Conservatives in Lancashire that they cannot take the people of Burscough for granted.”


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