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Council response to “press statement – handling of council reports relating to Tawd Valley Developments”

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SkemNews received the following response from West Lancashire Borough Council in response to:


Councils Response:

As is the case with all reports presented to Committees, consideration was given prior to the publication of the reports as to whether there was a requirement to keep the information private. As the reports contained commercially sensitive information regarding an independent company and the potential harm to not only that company but also the Council if the information was made public it was deemed that it wasn’t in the public interest to release that information at this stage.

Only one report contains information regarding potential development sites within the borough and these sites have been previously considered by Members. For transparency all Councillors have sight of all reports and the minutes of the meeting will be publicly available. The information will be disclosed publicly when appropriate and when it is deemed to be in the public interest to do so. Any decisions on which sites that are to be developed will be made after consideration by all Councillors at full Council and not by the Committee tomorrow. In addition any relevant planning requirements will be considered independently by the Council’s planning committee where any relevant party can make representations.


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