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Council ‘not interested’ in retailers’ needs says long-serving councillor


The Borough Council has been accused of showing a lack of interest in the needs of the area’s retailers in stinging remarks from a long-serving councillor.

Cllr Adrian Owens made the remarks after the Council Leader ignored a request to meet with Independent retailers from the Concourse in Skelmersdale.  Independent retailers had approached Cllr Owens to request the meeting over their concerns about the Council’s plans for Skelmersdale town centre.

Cllr Owens said, “The health of our shopping centres is a vital concern to local residents and it is astounding and very disappointing that the Council Leader won’t meet with local businesses that bring employment and variety to our centres.  Unfortunately, this is a pattern with this council currently.  I’ve had reports of several small retailers feeling their concerns were dismissed at the recent Ormskirk town centre meeting.”

“The priorities of the Council are wrong.  In the past three weeks the Council’s Twitter Feed has promoted the £30 green waste bin scheme EIGHT times but not once tweeted support for local retailers.  Worse, the Council-run Discover Ormskirk Facebook Page which exists to promote Ormskirk town centre has posted only once in the past two months and even then it didn’t promote Ormskirk!”

“The Council’s agenda for our town centres seems very one-dimensional currently.  Our town centres will only thrive through fully coordinated efforts that recognise that shops must continue to play a vital role in ensuring vibrant town and village centres.”

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