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Council launches new Clean and Green Service


An important new service has been launched by West Lancashire Borough Council to help improve the local environment.

Following a review, the Council has restructured its ground maintenance and street cleansing services. This will create more generic job roles to enable staff to improve their skills to carry out a wide range of tasks from litter picking, and grass cutting to maintenance of shrubbery areas.

This transformation will see staff working in neighbourhood teams, equipped to deliver a wide range of tasks within an area to bring about improvements to the local environmental quality. A number of greater skilled staff will ensure the service is even better prepared to respond to issues that really matter to local residents.

Tasks will be delivered in line with an agreed set of service standards, determining mechanical sweeping frequencies for street cleansing, regularised litter bin emptying and set frequencies for grass cutting between April and September. Working in defined neighbourhoods, staff will be visible and become more familiar with local needs, being on hand to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Heidi McDougall, Director of Leisure and Environment Services, said: “The Council listens to comments made by residents and recognises the importance to them of a clean, good quality environment. This is also a priority for the Council as shown by our ambitions for the environment. The new service will help us achieve those ambitions and it has been shaped to maintain service standards across the Borough.

“The restructure will also greatly benefit staff offering a wider variety of tasks to help keep them motivated. It also enables them to have great pride in the area they work as well as providing better opportunities for them in the future.”


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