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Conservatives Cut Winter Gritting

Red Rose Lancashire

Lancashire County Council will be cutting winter gritting under the cover of COVID, according to the Lancashire Labour Group.

At the Cabinet Meeting (1st October 2020) the Conservative administration agreed to amend the Winter Service Policy 9, to adopt the spread rates contained in the national guidance. Giving the impression that this would be an improvement in the service. However Lancashire’s current gritting policy is of a much higher standard, providing greater safety on our roads.

LCC claim that by adopting the national guidance that they are able to take road conditions into consideration more than the previous policy allowed in terms of, wet, damp or dry roads, traffic conditions and precise consideration of temperature. A consequence of this approach will be that more accurate amounts of salt will be used.

Cllr John Fillis, Labour Deputy Leader, said “This is just another cut to road safety and the Conservative are hiding behind COVID and a positive framing of words in order to mislead the public. The truth is in the financial information, which clearly states “allowing improved financial management”. LCC will be reducing the amount of gritting salt they spread on our roads this winter.”

“They can dress it up as much as they want. This is all part of the cuts we have seen to road safety during the Conservative’s administration. From cuts to road safety signs, white lines, increases in pothole sizes, longer repair times, splash and dash repairs and previous cuts to the witter gritting service by reducing temperature call out times for gritting.”

Cllr John Fillis, went on to say “This has been another reckless decision that has been bounced through the council in order to avoid any form of public scrutiny. The Conservative are treating the public with total contempt as they have failed once again to provide open and honest local government.”

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