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Concourse Shopping Centre’s Summer Events and Treasure Hunt


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Avast me hearties! There was plenty of guffawin’, gagglin’ and a-gigglin’ down at The Concourse Shopping Centre last week. With treasure hunts, face painting, crafts, chocolate coins and pirate chasing, a jolly good time was had by all.

At the heart of it all was the week-long free treasure hunt, which saw shoppers eagerly solving clues that would lead them to find ‘letters’ that had been placed in shop windows around the centre. When all the letters had been found they revealed a quote and character from a well-known children’s film, and shoppers had to identify what the film was in order to win their treasure – kindly donated by Pretty Little Things, Branded Clearance and the Management Suite at the Concourse.

The treasure hunt was bookended by two fantastic summer ‘Swashbuckler’ events held over the last two Saturdays. Teaming up with the guys from Wish FM, there was a ‘pirate’ on the loose, wandering around the centre evading capture. However he was no match for our shoppers and was caught on both occasions, firstly by Deb Hathaway and then Mike Cross, who each won £100’s worth of Concourse shopping vouchers.

And the winning didn’t stop there! On Wednesday five envelopes were hidden across the centre each containing vouchers worth between £5 and £50. Clues to their location were given out on Facebook throughout the day and the lucky winners posted pictures of their loot.

All in all it was a week full of fun and plenty of giveaways, and we’ve shared some of the great content on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ConcourseShoppingCentre

Anne Peters, Interim Retail Marketing Manager at the Concourse said “Wow what a week it has been. Last year’s treasure hunt was a huge success but this years was even bigger and better. It was a perfect activity for all the family to come together and take part in, with the chance of winning one of three prizes! And working with Wish FM and the street team was a fantastic new addition to the summer events. The pirate was a hit and everyone seemed to be having lots of fun.”


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