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Chorley Council wins numerous dog attack cases


Chorley Council has recently won two court cases for dog control orders following dog attacks in the area.

The local authority has won these cases after another animal has been injured or died from a dog attack.

Councillor Paul Walmsley, who is responsible for enforcement action said: “There have been a few dog attacks in the Chorley area recently and we have won two court cases which have meant dog control orders have been implemented.

“Dog attacks can be serious so it’s important that these are dealt with properly to prevent them from happening again.

“We ask that dog owners are responsible for their dogs and have control of them when taking them out in public to make sure things like this don’t happen.

“If anyone has witnessed a dog attack please come forward so that it can be dealt with properly.”

One example of a dog attack case is one that was recently tried at Blackpool Magistrates Court on 11 July 2018.

The case was regarding a Welsh Terrier and an Airdale Terrier attacking a cat after running off from their owner in woodlands near a residential area.

The Airdale Terrier returned to its owner but the owner was unable to get the Welsh Terrier back on a lead when it then proceeded to attack the cat again.

“This case is an example of poor control over a pet dog resulting in a serious injury on another person’s pet,” added Cllr Walmsley.

“It’s a traumatic experience, especially when someone’s pet is left injured or has died from such an incident, so it’s important dog owners are responsible for their dogs when out in public.

“We have rules in place for a reason so we ask that people follow them and are respectful of other people and their pets.”

The court issued an order that the Welsh Terrier be kept under proper control by being securely held on a lead whenever in public. Costs were also awarded for the sum of £1665.00.

The council is currently investigating 4 other cases in which 2 cats have died as a result of a dog attack.

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