Home News Chimps make a break for freedom after improvising a ladder

Chimps make a break for freedom after improvising a ladder


A zoo official at the Kansas City Zoo has said that seven chimpanzees had made a break for freedom on Thursday after briefly escaping from their enclosure. The chimpanzees had used an improvised ladder from a tree to help them in their escape bid.

Zoo director Randy Wisthoff said that one of the chimps had apparently pulled a log or a branch and had then leaned it against the enclosure’s wall; this then gave the chimps a leg-up to reach the top. He then added that the chimps never had any contact with any zoo visitors, as the chimps had escaped into an area which is reserved for zookeepers. There are a total of 12 chimps at the zoo, which was closed after the incident.

Wisthoff said ‘We had a ringleader. He got up on the log and got some others to join him.’

Zookeepers managed to herd the escaped chimps back into an indoor enclosure by using food to entice them. The chimps break for freedom came to an end after about an hour.

Wisthoff said that trees in the area of the chimpanzees are regularly checked for fallen limbs, however in this case a chimp had apparently pulled a log or a large limb out of a tree.

Wisthoff said that ‘Chimps are so much stronger than humans’; he then added that they are also very smart.


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