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Children and Family Wellbeing Service proposal approved by cabinet


A proposal to change the way the Children and Family Wellbeing Service is delivered has been approved by the county council’s cabinet today (Thursday 8 November).

The proposal, which was revised following a consultation with people and partner organisations, sets out how the council will reduce the number of buildings used to deliver the service and work within the community in a more flexible way.

The way the service is delivered has changed in recent years with more demand for direct support in people’s homes, and using other locations within the community.

Following detailed analysis and consideration of the responses from the consultation, cabinet has agreed that:
• The Children and Family Wellbeing Service will continue to deliver services from 50 buildings
• The Children and Family Wellbeing Service will no longer deliver services from a further 12 premises
• A further 14 buildings will be subject to further consideration. This will take into account the cost of building adaptations needed to accommodate future Children and Family Wellbeing Service delivery.

County Councillor Shaun Turner, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “The Children and Family Wellbeing service provides superb support to children, young people and families across the county.

“Our research and analysis shows the way people use the service is changing, so that fewer people now visit some of the buildings we currently use. This is why we’re changing the service to work more with people in their homes or at other community venues.

“The proposals will help ensure the service is now more people focused rather than buildings based.

“It means we can continue to employ the same number of frontline staff to support children and families who need it most.”

To find out more about this decision, search for agenda item 10 of the council.lancashire.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=122&MId=7454 cabinet agenda page.

The further proposals on the 14 buildings will be presented to cabinet separately at a future meeting.


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