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Candidates standing at St Helens Local Elections 2018 announced


The list of candidates nominated and validated for the St Helens Local Elections 2018 on Thursday 3 May has been announced.

The list is as follows:

Billinge and Seneley Green

Nancy Jane Ashcroft – Con

Sue Murphy – Lab

Peter Peers – UKIP

Sue Rahman – Green


Ellen Agnes Hannah Finney – Green

Melanie Ann Lee – Con

Susan Levy – UKIP

Paul McQuade – Lab


David O’Keefe – Green

Lisa Preston – Lab

Marise Ann Roberts – Lib Dem

Barbara Evelyn Woodcock – Con


Wally Ashcroft – Con

Dave Banks – Lab

Alan McCowan Smith – Green


Glyn Robert Jones – Lab

Lisa Mackarell – Con

Geoff Pearl – Lib Dem


Martin James Bond – Lab

Judith Margaret Collins – Con

Amy Carol Deluce – Green

Moss Bank

Deb Connor – Green

Margaret Hilda Harvey – Con

Trisha Long – Lab


Jeanie Bell – Lab

David Lesley Skeech – Con

David James Smith – Lib Dem

David Ian Vanderburg – Green


Martin William Ellison – UKIP

Kate Groucutt – Lab

Gerry McNeilly – Democrats and Veterans Party

Madeleine Patricia Wilcock – Con


Keith Anthony Laird – Lab

Anne Linda Mussell – Con

Tony Parr – UKIP

Jo Travis – Green


Stephen Paul Glover – Lab

Henry John Spriggs – Con

James Stephen Tasker – Independent


Allan Albert Dockerty – Con

John Fairhurst – UKIP

Pat Jackson – Lab

Brian Thomas Spencer – Lib Dem

Thatto Heath

Richard McCauley – Lab

Mark Stephen Richardson – UKIP

Anthony Frederick Rigby – Con

Town Centre

William Fitzpatrick – Green

Mark Joseph Hitchen – UKIP

Michelle Elaine Sweeney – Lab

Francis Wilcock – Con

West Park

Iris Brown – Con

Ian Paul Fraser – Green

Derek Paul Long – Lab

Ian Edward Pennington – UKIP


John Philip Cunliffe – Con

Maria Alison Parr – UKIP

Carol Pearl – Lib Dem

Mancyia Uddin – Lab

Francis Joseph Williams – Green

St Helens Council is urging residents who have not registered at their current address to make sure they are registered in time. If you voted in last year’s general election and your details have not changed, you will still be registered to vote.

The deadline to register to vote is midnight on Tuesday 17 April 2018. Apply online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. It takes just five minutes.

If in doubt, check your details by giving us a call on 01744 676464 or email us at elections@sthelens.gov.uk.

Poll cards will begin to be delivered across St Helens from Friday 23 March 2018. These will include information on the location of your polling station.

If you prefer to vote by post the deadline to return a postal vote application form is Wednesday 18 April 2018 at 5pm.


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