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Cabinet agrees high-priority work to three bridges


Lancashire County Council’s cabinet has decided to invest £400,000 in high-priority repairs to three bridges.

The funding will be moved from another less-urgent project within the Highways and Transport Capital Programme to ensure the work to the bridges can take place this financial year.

The need for repairs to Conder Bridge near Lancaster, Little Tooter Retaining Wall in Rossendale, and Longridge Road Retaining Wall in Chipping, to take place as soon as possible has emerged following inspections earlier this year.

County Councillor Keith Iddon, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “We’re investing over £3.7m in maintenance to bridges this year, and have made the decision to tweak our programme of work within that budget to prioritise these repairs.

“We carry out cyclic inspections to all our infrastructure to ensure we pick up quickly on issues such as these and deal with them before they become a bigger problem.

“The important thing is to respond to them in a timely way, which is why cabinet has made the decision to change our spending priorities for maintenance to bridges to ensure the necessary work can go ahead.”

£100k has been allocated to repair the paved area beneath Conder Bridge which carries the A588 Lancaster Road over the River Conder near Lancaster. The paved area has been washed away making the bridge vulnerable to scour damage.

£150k has been allocated to repair a retaining wall which supports the A681 Todmorden Road at Little Tooter in Rossendale. The wall has partially collapsed, with the road being reduced to a single lane in the vicinity with traffic management in place, and needs to be repaired to avoid further deterioration.

£150k has been allocated to address scour affecting the retaining wall supporting Longridge Road south of Chipping. The wall has been partially scoured away by the brook, and work is needed to address the scouring issue and maintain the stability of the wall.


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