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Budget set in Chorley

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Residents in Chorley will see more investment in what matters most to them as Chorley Council set its budget for the coming year.

Councillors agreed to freeze their portion of the council tax bill while outlining plans for £5.5 million of new investment in major projects to improve Chorley Markets, improve local services centres in the outlying towns and villages and provide more affordable housing.

In response to feedback from residents the council agreed to put £500,000 towards initiatives to support its declaration of a climate emergency, which will include the planting of 116,000 trees in the borough – one for every resident.

Councillor Peter Wilson, Deputy Leader of Chorley Council, said: “We’ve been working really hard to balance the budget and our plan of making investment in Chorley for the benefit of residents and businesses is paying off with us saving/generating income worth £4 million over the last few years.

“This means we’ve been able to ride the challenge of continued reductions in our funding, increasing costs and uncertainty as to what we will receive from Central Government. It means we can present a budget that will see more investment in what people tell us matters to them without having to ask for a penny more in council tax.

“It’s an ambitious budget that addresses the needs of residents right across the borough delivering improvements for young people, the elderly, puts in place plans to tackle climate change and delivers on our promise to provide better and more affordable homes in Chorley.”

The headlines from this year’s budget proposals include:

* A council tax freeze

* Maintaining all our services

* Investing in priorities that residents say are important to them – this includes £1 million in services to support the corporate strategy and £5 million of capital funding that will deliver major improvements to Chorley Markets, the town centre, local service centres and local housing

* Funding to help do our bit to tackle climate change

* To takeover management of and improve the service at Chorley Bus Station

* A budget gap of £2.903 million through to 2023.

“We’ve still got a lot of work to do to bridge the funding gaps in future years but this budget allows us to continue being a proactive community leader supporting all residents, whether they live in urban or rural areas, in very uncertain times,” said Councillor Wilson.

“I’d like to thank everyone who submitted their comments as part of the consultation and those who appreciate the investments we’ve made over the last few years that are helping to make Chorley a great place to live and work.

“It’s our programme of work over the last few years that it’s allowing us to make significant investment in projects like the green agenda and we look forward to making some real changes that will benefit our future generations.”


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