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Brits still in love with their cars despite rising costs

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Britain is still a nation of car lovers, despite the rising costs of vehicle ownership, with almost a quarter of us preferring our cars to our partners, according to a new survey.

A poll by price comparison platform Quotezone.co.uk found 24% of British motorists would opt for their dream car over their dream partner if given a choice.

Despite the rising cost of fuel, more than a quarter of drivers, 26%, said their love affair with the car had blossomed over the past 12 months and they loved their vehicle more now than they did this time last year.

Almost half of those surveyed, 49%, said they still liked their cars while a further 40% described their relationship with their vehicle as a love affair.

Only 13% of drivers said their feelings towards their vehicle had cooled over the past year despite the rising costs associated with being behind the wheel.

Only half of drivers, 50%, said they loved their partner more than their car with 15% saying they loved them the same and 8% admitting to loving their car more than their other half.

Just 13% of drivers said rising fuel costs were making them consider downsizing or giving up their vehicle but almost half, 49%, said they would dump their vehicle only if they absolutely had to.

Other factors causing some to consider downsizing included the cost of servicing/repairs, 12%, the cost of insurance, 10%, and the cost of road tax, 8%.

Quotezone.co.uk Founder, Greg Wilson, said: “We may not be out and about in our cars as much as we used to, given hybrid working life post-pandemic and the cost of fuel, but our enduring love affair with our vehicles appears stronger than ever.

“Despite Covid impacting how frequently we drive to work and the cost-of-living crisis squeezing our budgets, more than a quarter of us love our cars more than we ever have before.

“The time we get to spend in our cars is often time alone away from our busy everyday lives when we get to clear our minds and just focus on the road ahead.

“This may be just one of the reasons why the special relationship we have with our cars has not only endured but is blossoming during challenging times.

“It could partly explain why a quarter of us would choose a dream car over a dream partner – with almost 1 in 10 of us saying that we love our current car more than we love our current partner!

“Our love affair with our cars doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon either, with half of us saying we would only change our current car when we absolutely have to.

“Interestingly though, when we do eventually change our car, 1 in 3 of us plans to get a hybrid vehicle with the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles now only 7 years away.”

Quotezone.co.uk helps around 3 million users find savings every year, with over 400 insurance providers across 60 different products including items such as car finance, mortgages and loans.

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