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British athletic games launched for wounded Armed Forces


The UK will hold a national sports event to support the recovery and rehabilitation of injured, wounded and ill British military next year.

Organised in partnership with Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion, this will see over 400 British veterans and personnel participate, helping those with injury or illness overcome mental and physical hurdles.

Participants will be able to take part in sports including athletics, wheelchair basketball, powerlifting, swimming and sitting volleyball.

The Prime Minister will make the announcement while attending Armed Forces Day, held in Llandudno this year. At the event, she will meet with men and women from the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force, both regulars and reserves and cadets and veterans.

Prime Minister Theresa May is due to say:

“I am proud to be in Llandudno for Armed Forces Day, celebrating our brilliant servicemen and women. Speaking on behalf of the nation, I want to thank them for their dedication, for the many sacrifices they make and for their extraordinary service and courage.

“As our brave armed forces face dangers on our behalf, it is only right that we do everything we can to help their recovery when they suffer injuries or illness during combat or training.

“Through these new British athletic games and the rehabilitative power of sport, we can help those who have sacrificed so much for our country to lead full and rewarding lives.”

Now in its 10th year, this year’s Armed Forces Day will see a record number of flypasts and displays. The crowds will enjoy air shows from the Red Arrows and the Typhoons, while HMS Somerset will be docked in Llandudno Bay and Challenger battle tanks and Warrior armoured vehicles will be displayed in the military village.

The event in Llandudno is just one of over 300 events across the country to mark Armed Forces Day. From street parties to military parades, these events will say thank you to our sailors, soldiers and airmen and women.

At sea, on land and in the air, at home and around the globe, there are over 5,000 members of the British armed forces deployed currently in over 20 operations in 30 countries. From fighting against terrorism in the Middle East to providing peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance in Africa and the Caribbean while also being ready to defend our homeland in the event of a crisis 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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