Home News Brazil set aside £510m for security at World Cup

Brazil set aside £510m for security at World Cup


Brazil are to set aside about £510 million for security at the World Cup and are preparing 157,000 soldiers and police officers for the huge World Cup security operation.

Celso Amorim, Defence minister, has said that Brazil is ‘perfectly prepared’ to guarantee the security of citizens and visitors to the dozens of cities which are hosting the tournament starting on 12th June.

Jose Eduardo Cardozo, Justice minister, has said that authorities are not anticipating protests as intense as those which took place during the Confederations Cup last year, which was used as a warm up for this year’s World Cup.

The ministers have said that the money will be getting used to buy equipment which includes patrol cars, aircraft, computers and non-lethal weapons, and for specialised training for issues such as terrorism prevention and handling explosives, as well as expanding intelligence services.


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