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Borough Council makes improvements to the way it allocates its housing


West Lancashire Borough Council has made changes to its Housing Allocations Policy to support making the best possible use of its housing to meet people’s needs.

The Council held a public consultation about the proposed amendments earlier this year.

Important changes in the newly-adopted policy include:

  • Changes to the way applicants for housing are put into priority bands to give more priority to those in less secure accommodation
  • Amendments to the local connection criteria
  • Reducing the age limit for people to live in sheltered accommodation from 60 to 55 (or 50 if it is a flat not in a communal sheltered scheme).
  • Measures to help ensure all applicants have a successful tenancy that they can afford when they are offered a home
  • Changes to the way properties are advertised on www.westlancshomefinder.co.uk, the Council’s choice based lettings system, which will now be updated more regularly.

Other reasons for the improvements include addressing issues of rent affordability as the Council want to support people into tenancies that they can afford.

Councillor Jenny Forshaw, portfolio holder for Housing and Landlord Services, said: “The Council is very grateful to all those who engaged in the consultation. These changes will help the Council make the best possible use of its housing to meet people’s needs.”

The updated policy applies to those currently on the waiting list for Council housing, and new applicants and existing Council tenants looking to move to another Council property. A new pet policy for Council housing, which has relaxed rules around pet ownership in certain accommodation has also been adopted.

Anyone interested in becoming a council tenant must be registered with HomeFinder, so they can bid for the properties through that system. For more information on how to register on HomeFinder contact 01695 585 271 or go to www.westlancshomefinder.co.uk.


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