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Average Speed Cameras Now

Red Rose Lancashire

Lancashire County Labour Group are calling for a major overhaul of the current Speeding Criteria and the introduction of Average Speed Cameras to be rolled out across Lancashire.

The current criteria for speed enforcement requires people to be killed or injured in accidents. It does not take into consideration vehicles hitting people’s homes, mounting pavements, hitting street signs and lamp posts or near misses.

In the last 3 years 9 Speed Cameras have been removed and only 1 new camera installed in Lancashire. The police have received over 1000 complaints regarding speeding and dangerous drivers this year.

Cllr John Fillis, Labour Deputy Leader, said “We have complaints right across Lancashire that identify dangerous speeding traffic on a regular base. There are less cars on the road due to the Covid crisis and unfortunately too many drivers believe this enables them to drive quicker without any consideration for local people. We have been working with the local community to reduce speeds and tried driver education but we are now at a point that enforcement is our last line of defence against speeding.”

“Labour introduced Average Speed Cameras on to Lancashire’s roads in 2016. Average Speed Cameras are a proven deterrent against speeding, we need them in now. The council should stop wasting time dithering and delaying making decisions. The only thing going slow on the roads is this Conservative Administration.”

Cllr John Fillis, went on to say “The current decision making process on speed reduction measures is carried out behind closed doors without consultation with local people or councillors. All accidents and reported near misses should be taken in to consideration when decision are made to tackle speeding on our roads with the council looking to work with local communities. We should be preventing accidents not just responding to them.”

This is just a small list of roads identified by Local People were speeding occurs, put together by Local Labour Councillors.

School Lane, Ormskirk Road, Mill Lane and Pimbo Lane, Up Holland

Liverpool Road, Skelmersdale

Canberra Rd, Western Drive, Leyland Lane all in Leyland

Cottage Lane, Green Lane, Ryburn Road and County Road, Precot Road all in Ormskirk

Hibson Road, Marsden Hall Road, Barkerhouse Rd, Higher, Reedley Rd, Nelson

Blackpool Road, Garstang Road, Lythan Road, Plungington Road, Preston

Blackburn Rd, Dill Hall Lane, Burnley Rd, Bolton Ave, Higher Gate Rd, Lowergate Rd, Accrington North, Hyndburn

Broadgate, Fishergate Hill, Hartington Rd, Ashworth Grove, Preston

Brooke Street, Millennium Way, Blackburn Road, Bengal Street, Chorley

Fairfield Road and Balmoral Road, Morecombe

Crowwood Avenue, Whittlefield, St Matthew’s Street, Trinity, Sycamore Avenue, Gannow

Padiham Road, Burnley

Manchester Road, Nelson

Blackburn Road, Willows Lane, Accrington

Hatfield, The Esplanade, Dock Street, Fleetwood

Manchester Rd, Royds Avenue, Burnley Rd, Accrington

A6 Garstang Road, Larches Lane, Preston


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