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Active Lives Healthy Weight – Health Improvement Service Consultation


The Conservatives are consulting on their budget proposals to take away funding that has been delivering physical activity to 1,000s of Lancashire residents which the Labour administration introduced.

1000’s of people are still unaware of how the project could change their lives as these are the people who may be referred in the future but may not have the opportunity to take part in the physical activity.

The Conservative administration at Lancashire County Council are proposing to change the way they deliver physical activity and healthy weight program in order to achieve savings.

They are going to offer mobile apps and website as an alternative to having contact with a person in a fitness suite. They are going to promote residents to take up running, walking and cycling in our country side.

The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence guidelines (NICE) recommends exercising three times a week for 30 minutes. Through the Active Lives program residents can achieve this and now the 12 week gym sessions are under threat.

County Councillor Nikki Hennessy said ‘for over eight years I was employed by WLBC to run the GP Referral Scheme which was named ‘Life Matters’. I saw hundreds of residents attend the supported gym session and for them to go on to take a membership out and to continue to exercise to this day. These residents bravely took this opportunity to go into a local fitness suit and to make sustainable, healthy changes to their lifestyle’.

‘It gave them the opportunity to exercise in a safe environment and then to go on to try other activities like walking. The evidence shows that being made to feel comfortable and supported in the fitness suit gave them the confidence to continue. I have yet to see any clinical evidence that mobile apps or websites are successful (though they are popular), yet there is lots of evidence that referral schemes do deliver sustainable healthy outcomes’.

Please take this opportunity to have your say on these cuts



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