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A Greener Future for West Lancashire

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County Councillor Julie Gibson, the Labour Group Shadow Spokesperson for Economic Regeneration at Lancashire County Council, has welcomed the announcements at the Labour Party conference to make a Britain a “clean energy superpower.” Plans outlined by Ed Miliband will include £60bn over a decade to insulate nineteen million cold, draughty homes, saving £1,000 off bills, and cutting carbon emissions.

Cllr Gibson said: “In West Lancashire we are facing a cost-of-living crisis affecting millions of families and businesses. We are facing an energy crisis and rising energy bills borne of a decade of Tory neglect and the climate crisis which came to Britain this summer with our first ever 40-degree day. It was great to hear of Labour’s plans to invest in clean, green energy.

She continued: “Under Labour’s plans we are looking forward. Let us start with energy bills. Labour led the way in January with the call for a windfall tax. Labour led the way in August with the call for an energy price freeze. We are now leading the way with the plans to create GB Energy a publicly owned British power which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs growing our economy.

Cllr Gibson said: “Labour’s plans are not just about transforming our energy system; they are about transforming our economy and our environment too. There is a global race for the jobs of the future, and Britain under the Tories is losing it. And what can the Tories offer the people of West Lancashire? Fracking – that is their answer. Do the people in West Lancashire accept fracking? Or do they want clean, green, energy, jobs, and investment. Under Labour’s plans that is what we will deliver.”

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