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A dress worth re-wearing


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A sentimental dress was worn for the fifth time at the end of June this year, after being passed down through the daughters of one family.

Natasha Davies, 28, from Ashton, was born in Billinge Hospital in 1991 and received the dress as a gift from her auntie, Sarah.

Natasha’s mum, Stella, who was keen to start a family tradition after receiving the dress from her sister, saw an opportunity and kept the white pleated dress to pass onto Natasha for her own children.

The dress, with a pink satin ribbon, embroidered flowers and ruffled sleeves has now been worn by all three of Natasha’s daughters and even by her niece, Daisy.

Two years after giving birth to her son and first born, Ryley in 2009, Natasha fell pregnant again and was thrilled to announce that she was having a girl.

When Tilly-May, who is now seven years old, was born in 2012 she became the first girl in her generation to wear the special dress, once worn by her mum.

All five of Natasha’s children were born at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust’s Maternity Unit, including her newest daughter, Dolly, who was born at the end of June this year.

“My family are very sentimental and this is dress is so special to us, I’m hoping in the future my granddaughters will go on to wear it,” said Natasha.

Julie Bancroft, a Midwife on the maternity unit has worked for the Trust for just over two years and helped to look after Natasha and baby Dolly.

Julie was taken back by the story of Dolly’s dress and said; “The dress is absolutely gorgeous.

“Natasha told me the meaning behind the dress and I was desperate to share this wonderful story.”

When Natasha’s other four children came in to the hospital to see their new baby sibling, they were eager to find out if they would have a new brother or a sister.

Baby Dolly was laid on top of a pink knitted blanket with another blanket covering her from the shoulders down. The cover was then peeled back to reveal the pink blanket underneath, leaving her eldest children crying with joy.

Natasha was filled with praise for the Maternity Unit saying; “I can’t thank the staff enough.

“My labour with Dolly lasted just over 15 hours and they were with me and supporting me every step of the way.”


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