Expert panel recommends further tests on cladding and insulation

Large scale tests will help establish how different types of ACM panels in combination with different types of insulation behave in a fire. The independent expert panel on safety has advised further testing as the next step to be conducted in helping landlords to ensure the safety of their buildings. These large scale tests will help … Read more

NUT survey: SATs having damaging consequences for both children and schools

The SATs effect: teachers’ verdict – Summer Term 2017, a survey of 2,300 National Union of Teachers primary members, shows that the vast majority of teachers believe the primary assessment system is broken. The survey shows a widespread lack of confidence in the Government’s system of assessment and accountability as it affects our youngest pupils, … Read more

Phonics check risks distorting learning, says NAHT

This week children in year 1 will undertake the phonics check to assess their progress in reading. Commenting, Russell Hobby, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT says “we wish all pupils, teachers and school leaders involved in the phonics check well this week. “It is important that teachers assess young readers so they know … Read more

New research to act as catalyst to help GPs diagnose cancer

A revolutionary Cancer Research UK-funded project will investigate ways of bringing new and improved cancer diagnostic tests to GPs. The CanTest project will aim to improve and develop new ways of diagnosing cancer in GP surgeries. It will assess the accuracy, cost effectiveness and suitability of a range of diagnostic methods and tools for both … Read more

New primary school tests show schools rising to the challenge

Key stage 2 results for 2016 published. National results published today (5 July 2016) for the new primary school testing system in maths and English show that the majority of children have achieved the new higher standard expected of them. This year’s results are the first to be released following the introduction of a far … Read more