The proportion of people moving for work within the UK has fallen by a quarter since the millennium

Workers who move typically get a £2,000 pay rise  Contrary to the popular idea that ever more people move around the UK for work, moving region to change jobs is actually down 25 per cent since the turn of the millennium, with the typical worker that doesn’t move missing out on a £2,000 pay rise … Read more

Unions call for a long overdue pay rise for hard-pressed council employees

Three unions representing more than 1.6 million local government employees in schools and councils across England, Wales and Northern Ireland have today (Wednesday) submitted a pay claim that attempts to narrow the growing gap between declining wages and the rising cost of living. The claim for the year from next April seeks to move the … Read more

UK workers to face biggest wage fall of any advanced economy in 2018, finds OECD

UK workers will face the biggest real wage fall of any advanced economy in 2018, according to OECD figures released today (Wednesday). The figures show that UK real wages will fall by 1.1% in 2018 – putting the UK and Finland at joint-bottom of the league for wage growth among OECD countries. All other OECD … Read more

Record employment and high profits support minimum wage increase, says TUC

Record employment and high profits show that employers can afford a national minimum wage increase, according a submission to the Low Pay Commission by the TUC published today (Thursday). The claim comes as ONS figures show the employment rate at its highest level since comparable records began 45 years ago. Unemployment now stands at below 5%. … Read more