Report reveals benefits of EU-UK medical research partnerships

Partnerships between UK and EU medical researchers have increased the value of research, benefiting patients across Europe, according to a report published today (Tuesday). The report, commissioned by eight leading UK medical organisations, highlights how the UK’s contribution to research throughout the EU has fostered and strengthened scientific co-operation. As negotiations begin on a new … Read more

Macmillan launches new advertising campaign to reflect reality of life with cancer

Research shows that people with cancer don’t want to be defined by the disease Macmillan Cancer Support has launched a new national advertising campaign that shows a different side of living with cancer. Based on new insight that 85% of people with cancer don’t want to be defined by the disease, Life with Cancer looks at what ordinary life … Read more

CRT pioneer fund, Cancer Research UK and NCI collaborate to boost research against the ‘undruggable’ RAS

Cancer Research UK and the Cancer Research Technology Pioneer Fund (CPF) have committed £2.5 million in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the US to tackle one of the toughest challenges in cancer that has thwarted researchers for more than 30 years. Scientists will develop and test promising new molecules for targeting RAS, one of the most … Read more

Multi million pound funding available for Human and Social Sciences Research

The MOD, via the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s (Dstl’s) Defence and Security Analysis Division is seeking to appoint a contractor to lead, manage and deliver human social and behavioural sciences research for up to seven years. The framework, known as the Human and Social Sciences Research Capability (HSSRC) will deliver agile and robust human social … Read more

£229 million of industrial strategy investment in science, research and innovation

Business secretary announces £229 million of industrial strategy investment in science, research and innovation Greg Clark announces Industrial Strategy investment for UK research and development. Funding of £126 million announced for a world class research centre at the University of Manchester for development of advanced materials. Government confirms investment of £103 million in Rosalind Franklin … Read more

New research to act as catalyst to help GPs diagnose cancer

A revolutionary Cancer Research UK-funded project will investigate ways of bringing new and improved cancer diagnostic tests to GPs. The CanTest project will aim to improve and develop new ways of diagnosing cancer in GP surgeries. It will assess the accuracy, cost effectiveness and suitability of a range of diagnostic methods and tools for both … Read more