The proportion of people moving for work within the UK has fallen by a quarter since the millennium

Workers who move typically get a £2,000 pay rise  Contrary to the popular idea that ever more people move around the UK for work, moving region to change jobs is actually down 25 per cent since the turn of the millennium, with the typical worker that doesn’t move missing out on a £2,000 pay rise … Read more

TUC hits out at increase of apprentices paid below the minimum wage

The TUC has reacted today (Thursday) with disappointment to new figures from the Apprenticeship Pay Survey 2016, which show an increase in the proportion of apprentices not paid the full minimum wage they are due. The survey reveals that 18% of apprentices were paid less than the minimum wage rate they were entitled to in 2016, up … Read more

Welcome inflation fall but poorest households are experiencing the biggest price pressures

The poorest households have experienced higher inflation than the richest households since the start of the year, the Resolution Foundation said today (Tuesday) in response to the latest inflation figures, which saw CPIH fall to 2.6 per cent in June. New Resolution Foundation analysis of how inflation affects different households show that in the first … Read more

NHS 69th birthday: health service was number one issue for voters, finds TUC poll

The NHS was the most important issue for voters in the general election, a TUC/GQRR poll of 3,100 voters has found. The health service was the number one issue for Labour, Lib Dem, SNP and Green voters, and in the top three issues for Conservative and UKIP supporters. The poll also shows that nearly three-quarters … Read more

Unions call for a long overdue pay rise for hard-pressed council employees

Three unions representing more than 1.6 million local government employees in schools and councils across England, Wales and Northern Ireland have today (Wednesday) submitted a pay claim that attempts to narrow the growing gap between declining wages and the rising cost of living. The claim for the year from next April seeks to move the … Read more