Agencies urge UK government to use family networks to help more refugees

A group of four organisations are urging the UK government to change the rules around reuniting refugee families as a way of offering a safe haven to more vulnerable people. The government claimed local authorities didn’t have the capacity to support any more unaccompanied children to come to the UK when it announced earlier this … Read more

Less than 3 per cent of 5 million Syrian refugees resettled in rich countries

Less than three per cent of nearly five million refugees living in Syria’s neighbouring states have been resettled in rich countries according to a report published today by Oxfam. The UK has resettled just 18 per cent of its fair share of Syrian refugees when compared to the size of the country’s economy. While some countries, most … Read more

UK government in ‘denial and disarray’ over treaty it helped create to regulate the arms trade

The UK government has switched from being an enthusiastic backer of the international Arms Trade Treaty into one of the most significant violators, international agency Oxfam will say today at the second Conference of State Parties to the treaty in Geneva. Speaking at the conference Penny Lawrence, Deputy Chief Executive of Oxfam GB, will say: … Read more