Generous Brits would rather donate to charity than save for retirement

If given a £3million windfall: More people (33%) would like to donate money to charitable causes, than save for retirement (22%) More women would rather donate to charity (38%) than pay off their mortgage (36%) 39% of ‘Generation Z’ (18 – 24 years olds) said they would like to donate to charity, more than 25 … Read more

Tens of thousands of men feel emasculated because of cancer, new research shows

*Macmillan Cancer Support launches joint campaign with the building and construction sector aimed at providing support to men who need it* 20% of men with cancer experienced a loss of masculinity while going through treatment 25% of men with cancer who are in a relationship and rarely or never talk to their spouse about their … Read more

Macmillan launches new advertising campaign to reflect reality of life with cancer

Research shows that people with cancer don’t want to be defined by the disease Macmillan Cancer Support has launched a new national advertising campaign that shows a different side of living with cancer. Based on new insight that 85% of people with cancer don’t want to be defined by the disease, Life with Cancer looks at what ordinary life … Read more

Want to reach your 10,000 steps a day? Get down the golf course, says Macmillan Cancer Support

The average golf game racks up 13,234 steps, exceeding the daily 10,000 recommendation Golfers can burn 1,564 calories per game when they carry their golf clubs A game of golf amounts to 240 minutes of moderate intensity activity Golf could be the perfect way to reach – or even exceed – recommended activity levels, according to … Read more

Thousands of cancer patients die in hospital against their wishes

End the taboo: We need to talk more about death so people can die where they choose and free from pain, says Macmillan Cancer Support New findings in Macmillan’s report include: –       Just 1% of people with cancer want to die in hospital. Yet 38% of people – more than 62,000 – who die from cancer die in hospital … Read more

Charity warns of unsustainable pressure on the cancer workforce

Urgent action needed to address the unprecedented challenges facing the cancer workforce in England Macmillan Cancer Support has published a report calling for stronger leadership to address challenges facing the cancer workforce in the NHS. Thinking Differently warns that workforce shortages across the NHS mean that there are not enough cancer professionals to address the needs … Read more