BAME workers over a third more likely to be in insecure work, finds TUC

Black, Asian and minority ethnic workers are over a third more likely than white workers to be stuck in temporary or zero-hours work, according to a new TUC report released today (Friday). The study found that 1 in 13 BAME employees are in insecure jobs, compared to 1 in 20 white employees. There are over … Read more

International study demonstrates importance of new legislation to help Britain’s insecure workers, says TUC

– UK tops EU league table for growth in self-employment – UK ranks third in EU for growth of temporary workers – Legal protections for insecure workers are poor in UK compared to other EU countries A new study published today (Wednesday) by the TUC reveals that the UK has seen significant growth in insecure … Read more

Over a quarter of a million more in insecure work by end of next Parliament, warns TUC

3.5 million people could be in insecure work by start of 2022 290,000 more people could be trapped in insecure work by 2022 if current trends continue, the TUC has warned. This is equivalent to thirteen extra Sports Directs, or the entire working population of Sheffield. The figures show that by the start of 2022, … Read more

Rise in insecure work is costing Exchequer £4bn a year, warns TUC

Treasury losing more than £75m a week through explosion of low-paid and insecure jobs Rise in zero-hours contracts and low-paid self-employment has led tax shortfall and higher in-work benefit payments The growth of insecure employment– those working without guaranteed hours or baseline employment rights – is costing the Exchequer an estimated £4bn a year, according … Read more

4.5 million people in insecure work, reveals Citizens Advice

Four and a half million people in England and Wales are in insecure work, reveals new analysis by Citizens Advice. The national charity says insecure work – where people don’t have regular hours or predictable shifts – means many find it impossible to manage their budgets or plan for the future. The new figures reveal … Read more