Teach children simple hygiene to help curb infections

NICE and PHE recommend children and young people are taught the importance of hand washing to tackle antimicrobial resistance. The guidance recommends children in nurseries and young people at university be taught when and how to wash and dry their hands, for example after going to the toilet and before preparing food, in order to prevent the … Read more

National HIV Testing Week 2015

Local health professionals are encouraging residents at risk of HIV to take a free, confidential test as part of a national drive to reduce the number of late and undiagnosed HIV infections. St Helens Council’s Public Health team has joined forces with St Helens and Knowsley Hospital Trust to ensure that National HIV Testing Week, … Read more

Flu campaign launches in Knowsley

A campaign encouraging children under 18 with long term health conditions to have a flu vaccination has been launched in Knowsley. Knowsley Council’s Public Health team is appealing to parents and carers of children and young people suffering from certain health conditions, including asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, liver or kidney disease, to contact their GP for … Read more

Join over 1,500 antibiotic guardians – choose a pledge today to help tackle antibiotic resistance

Make your pledge today and become an antibiotic guardian. Antibiotic Guardian, an initiative developed by Public Health England (PHE) is urging members of the public and healthcare professionals to join in the campaign and take action and help make sure antibiotics work now and in the future. To become an Antibiotic Guardian people choose and … Read more