Professor Calvin Jones joins call for more tax transparency  More than 300 leading economists from 30 countries have today written to world leaders warning there is no economic justification for allowing tax havens and urging them to lift the veil on offshore secrecy. The letter comes ahead of the Government’s […]

Cardiff University Professor one of 300 economists telling world leaders ...

The 50 biggest US companies have more than a trillion dollars hidden offshore according to a new report published by Oxfam today. This is more than the entire GDP of countries such as Spain, Mexico or Australia. The companies, which include global brands such as Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, Dow Chemical, Chevron, […]

Fifty biggest global US companies stash $1.3 trillion offshore

Fifty-one of the 68 companies that were lent money by the World Bank’s private lending arm in 2015 to finance investments in sub-Saharan Africa use tax havens, Oxfam revealed today. Oxfam’s new analysis focused on International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) investments in Sub-Saharan Africa. It shows that together these 51 companies, whose […]

84% of World Bank’s private investments in Sub-Saharan Africa go ...