BCC reaction to General Election result 2017

BCC comments on the result of the General Election. Commenting on the General Election result, Dr Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said: “After two long years of elections, referenda and wider uncertainty, many businesses were doing their best to ignore the noise of politics – up until today. “The … Read more

Labour’s Rosie Cooper re-elected as MP for West Lancashire

Following the General Election 2017, West Lancashire’s voters have re-elected Rosie Cooper as their MP. Rosie Cooper received 32,030 votes, which was 58.9% of the votes cast and an increase of 9.6%, when compared with 2015. The majority for victory was 11,689, while the turnout for voting was 74.2%. The results of the election for … Read more

School cuts a priority after the election

The problems for our schools are very real and very immediate, ranging from no money for glue sticks right up to considering closing earlier in the day simply to save money. All parties should commit to tackling this growing crisis. The joint union website www.schoolcuts.org.uk has been highlighting the extent of the problem. With 93% of schools … Read more