Air Quality Plan ‘cynical’ and doesn’t do enough to save lives now

Friends of the Earth described today’s air pollution announcement as a ‘cynical’, headline-grabbing move which passes the buck of saving lives to local authorities as the government reveals its Air Quality Plan today (26 July). Reports suggest that the much anticipated Air Quality Plan will include the welcome announcement that the sale of new diesel … Read more

Children celebrate the Earth at town hall music concerts

A showcase of young musicians from across St Helens was held at the town hall recently, telling the story of the Earth, its inhabitants, and the effects humans have on the environment. The concerts featured local primary school choirs, professional and upcoming soloists all accompanied by St Helens Youth Orchestra and their professional music mentors. … Read more

Space Laser Reveals Boom-and-Bust Cycle of Polar Ocean Plants

A new study using a NASA satellite instrument orbiting Earth has found that small, environmental changes in polar food webs significantly influence the boom-and-bust, or peak and decline, cycles of phytoplankton. These findings will supply important data for ecosystem management, commercial fisheries and our understanding of the interactions between Earth’s climate and key ocean ecosystems. … Read more

Ratifying climate deal not “worth the paper it’s written on” if government invests in fossil fuels – says Friends of the Earth

Theresa May’s announcement that the UK will ratify the Paris climate deal by Christmas is an important step says Friends of the Earth, but it won’t be worth the paper it’s written on unless the government stops investing in fossil fuels, puts a plan in place to meet the target of 1.5°C of warming, and supports those … Read more

As ban on British beef is lifted, protection from US hormone treated beef must remain – says Friends of the Earth

As it is announced that the US ban on importing British red meat – which was introduced following the BSE crisis known as “mad cow” disease – is to be lifted after 20 years, Friends of the Earth argues that protection from US hormone treated beef must still remain in place. Responding to today’s announcement … Read more