Confidence in new builds falls as average house in England will have to last 2,000 years

The average new home in England will have to last 2,000 years if the sluggish rate of house building and replacement continues, the Local Government Association warns today. The country has not built enough homes for decades. As a result, existing homes must house more people and last for much longer, which has led to … Read more

LGA: simplify EU rules over how councils buy goods and services after Brexit

Simpler rules regulating how councils buy goods and services after Brexit could boost local growth and create jobs, the Local Government Association says today. Council leaders say the Government needs to introduce a more efficient UK system regulating how councils buy goods and services when we leave the European Union. The LGA said this could … Read more

New resource to help councils on a tight budget invest in culture

Arts Council England and the Local Government Association have developed their first ever online resource to help councils develop innovative ways to invest in culture, even where financial resources are under pressure. The Culture Hub: good practice in cultural services highlights interesting and innovative case studies from councils across the country who have found creative ways to … Read more

Two scams a day reported to councils fighting fraudsters

More than two scams and attempted scams a day are being reported to some councils as they crack down on criminals running shams ranging from fake online dating and disability parking badge sites to bogus diamond investment schemes and weight-loss devices. The Local Government Association (LGA), which represents 370 councils in England and Wales, is … Read more

Local areas need £8.4 billion of EU funding replaced after Brexit

Local areas need €10.5 billion (£8.4 billion) of European Union funding replaced as part of a locally-led successor to EU regional aid after Brexit, council leaders set out in a new report today. Since the EU referendum, the Local Government Association has repeatedly called for a government commitment to replace vital EU regeneration funding. In … Read more

Councils want answers over ‘hijacking of soft drinks levy’

Councils are demanding money earmarked for boosting physical activity and healthy eating in schools is not used to plug a black hole in education funding. Instead, the Government needs to find genuinely new money to pay for its recently announced school funding pledges. The Local Government Association, which represents more than 370 councils in England and … Read more