Generous Brits would rather donate to charity than save for retirement

If given a £3million windfall: More people (33%) would like to donate money to charitable causes, than save for retirement (22%) More women would rather donate to charity (38%) than pay off their mortgage (36%) 39% of ‘Generation Z’ (18 – 24 years olds) said they would like to donate to charity, more than 25 … Read more

Simple test predicts return of bladder cancer

Scientists have devised a simple test for an earlier and more accurate warning of returning bladder cancer than existing methods, according to research published in the British Journal of Cancer. Researchers from the University Hospital of Lyon tested the urine of 348 bladder cancer patients for a faulty protein called TERT, and this was able to predict when the cancer … Read more

Over 150,000 annual deaths from lung cancer, lung and heart disease

PHE campaign urges people to see a GP if they have breathlessness or a persistent cough, as these are symptoms of these diseases. Public Health England (PHE) has launched a national ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ awareness campaign which prompts people with symptoms of some of the leading causes of death in England to see their doctor. … Read more

‘Be Cervix Savvy’ Roadshow is coming to Knowsley

A roadshow raising awareness about cervical cancer and how to protect against developing the disease is coming to Knowsley next week. National charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is bringing the ‘Be Cervix Savvy’ Roadshow to Kirkby Town Centre, Newtown Gardens, from 10am until 4pm on Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 July. Cervical cancer is the most … Read more

Tens of thousands of men feel emasculated because of cancer, new research shows

*Macmillan Cancer Support launches joint campaign with the building and construction sector aimed at providing support to men who need it* 20% of men with cancer experienced a loss of masculinity while going through treatment 25% of men with cancer who are in a relationship and rarely or never talk to their spouse about their … Read more