Average driver spends nearly £1,000 and wastes almost five days stuck in traffic a year

The average motorist is being forced to waste £968 and spend 4.9 days stuck in traffic on major roads each year because of congestion, according to new analysis by the Local Government Association. A new report published today by the LGA – ‘A country in a jam: tackling congestion in our towns and cities’ – reveals the … Read more

Families dependent on fathers’ earnings alone have average incomes no higher than 15 years ago

Over the last 20 years, growth in the earnings of working fathers has been extremely slow, at 0.3% a year on average, while mothers’ earnings have grown by more than 2% a year. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult for families where only the father is working to keep up with other families. … Read more

Average speed cameras to be enforced – A675 Belmont

The first section of a new average speed camera scheme will go live from Friday 9 June on the A675 Belmont, it has been confirmed. Following the successful installation and configuration on the northern part of the route, from the M65 junction 3 to the north of Belmont Village, the cameras will now be enforced. … Read more

Additional average speed installation A565 Southport New Road

In January it was announced by the constabulary and Lancashire Road Safety Partnership that eight routes across the county are set to be targeted with average speed cameras, in a bid to cut down on the number of road casualties. Installation is complete on a stretch of the A565 Southport New Road between the B5246 at Mere Brow and … Read more

Road casualties to be tackled with average speed cameras

Eight routes where 13 people have lost their lives in collisions in almost six years (01/01/2011 to 01/10/2016) are being targeted in a bid to cut down on the number of casualties. The routes across Lancashire have seen a total of 406 casualties with 62 people suffering serious or life changing injuries since 2011. Now … Read more

The UK’s highest paid CEO earns the average annual salary in under 45 minutes, TUC analysis finds

It took Britain’s highest paid chief executive, Martin Sorrell, less than 45 minutes to earn what an average UK worker earns over an entire year, according to new TUC analysis of FTSE 100 directors’ pay published today (Sunday). Mr. Sorrell, CEO of WPP, was paid £70 million in 2015 – more than 2,500 times the … Read more