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Youngsters help the homeless

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On the back of a social action project, attendees of Grange Valley Youth Centre and St Helens Council’s Youth Service’s 818 additional needs session have collected a wide range of essentials for the town’s homeless.

Several boxes containing food, toiletries, clothing, drinks and bedding were donated by the group of young people to local homeless charity, Teardrops, who will now distribute them to those in need.

Donations were also made by St Helens Council’s transport team.

As a result of their work, the young people have also been asked to design posters and pavement advertisement boards to raise awareness about Teardrops.

Commenting on the group’s kindness, St Helens Council’s cabinet member for community safety and housing, councillor Lisa Preston, said: “The support, compassion and empathy that these young people have shown is wonderful to see. They wanted to make a difference and help the homeless people that they see regularly around the town centre, and they have done just that.”

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